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The Smartest Dumbass Ever

By: Bobby Finstock on 10/11/04 @ 10:15 am


Today I decided to actually attend both of my Monday night classes. My first class is a health class that is utterly pointless but required in the great state of California. It is basically high school health yet not as in depth.

The class started in August I have attended only three sessions; the first class, the first test, and tonight. I wish I wouldn’t have gone. Basically the professor reads and teaches out of the book, regurgitating what the books says almost word for word with a couple of stats thrown in for good measure. At break I went up to ask her what I got on my midterm. She showed me my grade in her grade book, a solid B nothing exciting but I was happy considering I reviewed for a total of 15 minutes. When she had the book open I saw that people had like scores of 16, 36, 41 and it totally blew my mind. So I felt like a pretty smart cookie at this point.

I left feeling all high and mighty to my philosophy class. I got their early and took my seat relaxing and reading over some notes. Ten minutes went by and I noticed that I was the only one in the class. I got up and walked out and notice the huge sign by the door saying class was canceled…

A smart cookie indeed, I went from being the smartest man in the class to the dumbest bastard out there…..

Good Times…

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