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An Uncomfortable Situation

By: Bobby Finstock on 10/11/04 @ 8:34 pm

Ok when I go to blockbuster to rent movies and one of the associates comes up to me to ask if I need help it never ends good.

I like the fact that they are asking, it shows good customer service but they always like throw in their two cents about the current releases.

BBR (Block buster rep): Hey how are you doing today? Can I help you find anything?

Me: No thanks I am just kind of looking, already have a couple of movies picked out I just wanted to see what else was out.

BBR: Oh have you seen Secret Window yet?

Me: Yeah. (Trying to walk away.)

BBR: Cool… I thought it was pretty good. What did you think?

Me: (Thinking it was a shitty movie with really poor attempts to make you think someone else was the killer) Um I thought it was ok kinda disappointing.


Me: Um, I like Johnny Depp just fine. I just thought that the movie was kind of lame, they were trying to make it a big twist but it really wasn’t anything special.

BBR: Oh… Well what about Paycheck.

Me: Haven’t seen it, not really high on my list right now. But maybe I will check it out.

BBR (grabbing the dvd and handing it to me) You really should see it.

Me: Um really it’s ok. I have a couple of movies already picked out.

BBR: What are you getting?

Me: The new Michael Moore movie and probably Man on Fire.

BBR: They are both really depressing you should get this instead.

Me: (looking for the fire exit and trying to run) No really that’s fine… I am happy with what I am getting.

BBR: Whatever just trying to help.

(So I get to the front waiting to check out the line is long, and said rep comes up to check people out and takes the next person in line… Which of course is me.)

BBR: Sure you don’t want to get it.

Me: No really.. I am good…


Me: Um I think I already am.

BBR: Um what’s that supposed to me.

Me:(signing quickly for the rentals) NOTHING… Gotta run thanks for your help.

I have now made enemies at blockbuster.. my account will have $10,000 in late fees when I come back.


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One Response to “An Uncomfortable Situation”

  1. Nathan says:

    Wow, what a dick. You should go back to Blockbuster and tell him you rented it from another video store just to piss him off.

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