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What is the deal with Michael Rapaport?

By: Bobby Finstock on 08/30/04 @ 9:23 am


What is the deal with Michael Rapaport? Has anyone been in so many movies but always played the same guy? Except for shaving his head and being a Neo-Nazi in “Higher Learning” he has been the same actor playing the kind hearted, vulnerable yet oddly tough guy. It doesn’t upset me or anything like that more power to him, but I mean the limited acting range should be noted. He needs to change it up a bit. I felt the same way about George Clooney until he threw us all for a loop with “O Brother” Clooney was always the over confident pretty boy that you’d like to go have a beer with. Not that I minded that I liked George Clooney like that from ER to Dusk Till Dawn to Batman, George Clooney was the same guy. I knew when I plucked down my money what to expect and there is nothing wrong with that.

Back to Michael Rapaport, last night I stumbled upon the opus entitled “This Girl’s Life” as I was flipping through the channels. I see James Woods stumbling around with some physical or mental disability. (Later it was revealed to be Parkinson’s.) I am a sucker for people trying to play a role as a cripple, retard, ill person, or a cross dresser. So as I watch this movie it is like an odd combination of a total skinamax movie aka soft-core porn and an attempt at role as a physically disabled person. Has porn and an attempt at true acting ever met at such a cross road? What baffled me is that two name actors were in it. Did James Woods and Michael Rapaport fall off that much that they would be in something like this? Have they really hit rock bottom? Can you think of any movie that was a straight to video or cable release with two name actors that was almost pure porn? Neither can I. It was shocking…

I think a study needs to be done on this. Maybe I will just stay up to the wee hours of the morning looking for two name actors in a movie like this.

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